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Please help! I did not fount what I was searching for.

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A large number of plant species, plant-diseases and pests are to be fount in Denmark. Therefore, the possibility that you won't find a solution to your problems, perhaps can bee expected. On the Plant-doctor you may have more possibilities.

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Flere tusinde har gennem årerne indsendt spørgsmål til "Plantedoktoren". Disse spørgsmål og svar er ordnet på en overskuelig måde, så du måske kan finde en løsning på netop dit problem.


The Plant-doctor has a great number of articles. On the front page you can search the whole website and possible find a solution.


If you have any questions concerning plant-diseases and pest on plants, you are welcome to contact the "Plant-doctor".


Her you have the possibility, in a limited amount, to post samples for a diagnose. To make the correct diagnose can be very comprehensive and therefore a fee will be collected.

Look at some Photos

Attached to the you will find a Photo-collection of pests, and plant-diseases. Perhaps here you will find a solution to your problems. Have a good time!