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Survey over the fungi which causes diseases in plants (Danish conditions).
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It shall bee emphasized, that the dividing of fungi to different divisions, subdivisions, classes, subclasses, families, species and genus......, not always is quite right.
New ways to categorizing and placing fungi in a systematic system is still coming on. In the latest years, by means of molecular work and genetic tools, scientist has done great progress finding the right groups.
As an example, the oomycetes are not longer at part of the fungal system, but now moved to the group called the Chromistra, which is a subgroup under the Pseudofungi.
Another example: the main part of fungi earlier belonging to the class Deuteromycetes (Fungi imperfecti) is now categorized as Ascomycetes.

Division Mycota

I. Subdivision Mycota

Myxomycotina ( The slime moulds)

1.genus Fuligo


Slime mould Slime Mold
Diachea leucopodia

Diachea leucopodia Slime mould on Strawberry
II. Subdivision Eumycotina

(Real Fungi)

1.Class Archimycetes

1.fam. Plasmodiophoraceae This family have recently been transfered to the "animal kingdom" (Protozoa)

1. genus.Plasmodiophora

2. genus.Spongospora

Spongospora subterranea Powdery scab

2. fam. Synchytriaceae

1. genus.Synchytrium

3. fam. Olpidium

1. genus. Olpidium

2. Class Phycomycetes (algea moulds)

1. sub. class Chytridiomycetiaceae

1. genus Urophlyctis

2. sub. class Oomycetidae

1.Order Saprolegniales

2.Order Peronosporales

1. fam. Albuginaceae (The white rusts)

1. genus Albugo

2. fam. Pythiaceae

1. genus Pythium

Pythium ssp. Damping off

2. genus Phytopthora

Phytopthora ssp. Damping off
Phytophthora fragariae var. fragariae

Phytophthora fragariae var. fragariae Red core
Phytopthora infestans

Phytopthora infestans Late blight of potato
Phytopthora sp

Phytopthora sp. Phytophthora Root Rot

3. fam. Peronosporaceae (The Downy mildews)

1. genus Peronospora

Peronospora destructor Downy mildew: onions

Peronospora parasitica Downy mildew on shepherd's-purse

Peronospora sparsa Downy Mildew of Roses
Plasmopara obducens

Plasmopara obducens Downy mildew of Impatiens
Plasmopara obducens

Peronospora violae Downy mildew viola

2. genus Plasmopara

Plasmopara viticola Downy mildew grapevine

3. genus Bremia

Bremia lactucae   Downy mildew of lettuce

4. genus Pseudoperonospora

Pseudoperonospora cubensis Downy mildew: cucurbits

3. sub. class Zygomycetidae

1.Order Mucorales

1. fam. Mucoraceae

1. genus Mucor

2. genus Rhizopus

Rhizopus stolonifer Black bread mold

2. fam. Entomophtoraceae (insect pathogenic moulds)

1. genus Empusa

2. genus Entomophthora

Entomophthora muscae

Entomophthora muscae Entomopthora on a fly
Metarhizium anisopliae

Metarhizium (Entomophthora)anisopliae Metarhizium anisopliae on Garden Chafers
3. Class Ascomycetes

1. sub. class Protascomycetidae

1.Order Endomycetales (yeasts)

1. fam. Saccharomycetaceae

1. genus Saccharomyces

2.Order Taphrinales

1. genus Taphrina

Taphrina deformans Leaf curl: peach
Taphrina padi

Taphrina padi Leaf Blister on Black cherry
Taphrina pruni

Taphrina pruni Pocket Plums
Taphrina populina

Taphrina populina Leaf blister, yellow: poplar
Taphrina betulina

Taphrina betulina Birch Besom

2. sub. class Euascomymycetidae

1.Order Plectascales

1. fam. Eurotiaceae

1. genus Eurotium

2. genus Talaromycetes

2. fam. Ophiostomataceae

1. genus Ophiostoma


Gloeodes pomigena

Gloeodes pomigena Sooty blotch

2. Order Perisporiales

Sphaerotheca fuliginea
1. fam. Erysiphaceae (Powdery mildews)

1. genus Podosphaera

Podosphaera leucotricha Powdery mildew: apple

2. genus Sphaerotheca

Sphaerotheca macularis f. sp. fragariae (S. alchemillae) Powdery mildew: strawberry

Sphaerotheca mors-uvae Powdery mildew: currant

Sphaerotheca pannosa Powdery mildew: rose

Sphaerotheca sp. Powdery mildew on cherry laurel

3. genus Erysiphe

Erysiphe cichoracearum Powdery mildew: cucurbits

4. genus Uncinula

Uncinula bicornis Powdery mildew: Acer spp.
Uncinula necator

Uncinula necator Powdery mildew: grapevine

5. genus Phyllactinia

6. genus Microsphaera

Microsphaera quercina

Microsphaera quercina Powdery mildew: oak
Oidium neolycopersici

Oidium neolycopersici Powdery mildew of tomato

2. fam. Perisporiaceae

1. genus Phaeocryptopus

3. Order Myriangialis

1. fam. Myriangiaceae

1. genus Myriangium

2. genus Elsinoe

4. Order Pseudosphaeriales

1. fam. Dothioraceae

1. genus Euryachora

2. genus Plowrightia

2. fam. Pleosporaceae

1. genus Leptosphaeria

Coniothyrium concentricum

Coniothyrium concentricum Leaf spots on Adam´s Needle
Microsphaeropsis hellebori

Microsphaeropsis hellebori Hellebore leaf spot

2. genus Pleospora

3. genus Pyrenophora

4. genus Cucurbitaria

5. genus Ophiobolus

6. genus Cochliobolus

7. genus Acanthostigma

8. genus Herpotrichia

Herpotrichia parasitica

Herpotrichia parasitica Browning on fir needles

3. fam. Lophiostomataceae

4. fam. Dothideaceae

1. genus Didymella

Didymella applanata

Didymella applanata Spur Blight

5. fam. Mycosphaerellaceae

Mycosphaerella brassicicola

Mycosphaerella brassicicola Ring Spot
Cladosporium fulvum

Fulvia fulva Leaf mould on tomatoes

6. fam. Venturiaceae

1. genus Venturia

Venturia inaequalis Scab: apple

Venturia pyrina Scab of pear

Venturia saliciperda Scab: willow

5. Order Sphaeriales

1. fam. Sordariaceae

1. genus Sordaria

Ceratocystis ulmi

Ceratocystis ulmi Dutch elm disease

2. genus Neurospora

3. genus Podospora

4. genus Gelasinospora

2. fam. Hypocreaceae

1. genus Nectria

Nectria cinnabarina

Nectria cinnabarina Canker
Nectria galligena

Nectria galligena European canker of apple
Volutella buxi

Volutella buxi Volutella Blight

2. genus Calonectria

3. fam. Xylariaceae

1. genus Ustulina

2. genus Hypocrea

3. genus Hypoxylon

4. genus Xylaria

5. genus Diatrype

6. genus Eutypa

7. genus Daldinia

8. genus Rosellinia

9. genus Qaternaria

4. fam. Diaportaceae

1. genus Pseudovalsa

2. genus Linocarpon

3. genus Gnomonia

4. genus Linospora

5. genus Valsa

6. genus Melanconis

8. genus Cryptodiaporte

9. genus Diaporte

10. genus Mamiania

11. genus Melogramma

6. Order Clavisipitaceae

1. fam. Clavicipitaceae

1. genus Claviceps

2. genus Epichloe

7. Order Helotiaceae

1. fam. Helotiaceae

1. genus Crumenula

2. genus Cenangium

3. genus Scleroderris

2. fam. Schlerotiniaceae

1. genus Sclerotinia

sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum White Rot
sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum -solsikke White Rot on Sunflower

2. genus Botryotinia

3. genus Monilinia

4. genus Ciboria

3. fam. Hyaloscyphaceae

1. genus Dasyscypha

4. fam. Dermataceae

1. genus Pseudopeziza

Blumeriella japii

Blumeriella japii Cherry Leaf spot

2. genus Drepanopeziza

drepanopeziza ribis

Drepanopeziza ribis Leaf spot, Anthracnose

3. genus Diplocarpon

Diplocarpon mespili Quince leaf blight

Diplocarpon rosae Black spot: roses

4. genus Fabraea

5. genus Higginsia

6. genus Pezicula

8. Order Phacidiales

1. fam. Dermataceae

1. genus Rhytisma

Rhytisma acerinum

Rhytisma acerinum Tar spot

2. genus Clithris (Colpoma)

3. genus Lophodermium

4. genus Hypodermella

5. genus Hypoderma

2. fam. Cryptomycetaceae

1. genus Cryptomyces

3. fam. Phacidiaceae

1. genus Phacidium

2. genus Rhabdocline

3. genus Didymescella

9. Order Pezizales

1. fam. Pezizaceae

2. fam. Sarcoscyphaceae

3. fam. Helvellaceae

4. Class Deuteromycetes (Fungi Imperfecti)

1. Order Sphaeropsidales

1. fam. Hypodermataceae

1. genus Phyllosticta

2. genus Phoma

Phoma trachelii

Phoma exigua Stem Blight of Vinca Minor
Phoma trachelii

Phoma trachelii

3. genus Ascochyta

4. genus Septoria

Septoria curvata

Septoria curvata Leaf spot on Robinia
Septoria cornicola

Septoria cornicola Septoria leaf spot Cornus

5. genus Pyrenochaeta

6. genus Coniathyrium

7. genus Phomopsis

8. genus Brunchorstia

9. genus Hendersonia

10. genus Diplodia

2. fam. Nectrioidaceae

1. genus Polystigmina

3. fam. Leptostromataceae

1. genus Leptothyrium

2. genus Leptostroma

3. genus Hypodermina

4. genus Melasmia

5. genus Entomosporium

4. fam. Exipulaceae

1. genus Sporonema

2. Order Melanconiales

1. fam. Melanconiaceae

1. genus Gloeosporium

2. genus Polyspora

3. genus Colletotrichum

Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Antracnose Ligustrum

Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Gloeosporium Rot Gloeosporium Rot
Colletotrichum acutatum
Colletotrichum acutatum Colletotrichum acutatum Strawberry black spot
Colletotrichum trichellum
Colletotrichum trichellum Hedera leaf spot Hedera leaf spot

4. genus Rhynchosporium

5. genus Myxosporium

6. genus Actinonema

7. genus Pestalotia

8. genus Rhabdogloeum

9. genus Cryptosporiopsis

10. genus Cylindrosporium

11. genus Cryptosprium

12. genus Melanconium

13. genus Libertella

3. Order Moniliales

1. fam. Mucedinaceae

1. genus Botrytis

Botrytis cinerea (Grey mould) Grey mould
Botrytis paeonia

Botrytis paeonia Botrytis blight on peony
Botrytis cinerea

Botrytis cinerea Grey mould on strawberry
Botrytis cinerea

Botrytis cinerea Grey mould on Raspberry
Botrytis cinerea

Botrytis cinerea Grey mould on Tomatoes
Botrytis cinerea

Botrytis cinerea Grey mould on Cucumbers
Botrytis cinerea

Botrytis cinerea Grey mould on Potplants
Botrytis galanthina

Botrytis galanthina Snowdrop grey mould

2. genus Verticillium

Verticillium ( Verticillium wilt)

3. genus Oidium

4. genus Penicillium

Penicillium expansum

Penicillium sp. Blue mould, Green mould

5. genus Aspergillus

6. genus Cephalosporium

7. genus Trichoderma

8. genus Monilia

Monilia fructigena

Monilia fructigena Brown rot of fruits
Monilia laxa

Monilia laxa Blossom blight

9. genus Ramularia

Ramularia grevilleana

Ramularia grevilleana Common leaf spot Strawberry

10. genus Cercosporella

11. genus Meria

12. genus Oospora

13. genus Oedocephalum

2. fam. Dematiaceae

1. genus Pullularia

2. genus Torula

3. genus Trichosporum

4. genus Phialophora

5. genus Fusicladium

6. genus Polythrincium

7. genus Helminthosporium

8. genus Cercospora

Cercospora carotae

Cercospora carotae Carrot Leaf Blight
Cercospora ligustrina

Cercospora ligustrina Leaf spot Privet

9. genus Heterosporium

10. genus Clasterosporium

11. genus Alternaria

Alternaria laucanthemii

Alternaria leucanthemii Leaf spot: Chrysanthemum spp.
Alternaria solani

Alternaria solani Potato Early Blight

genus Thielaviopsis

Thielaviopsis basicola ( syn: Chalara elegans)  Black root rot

Thielaviopsis basicola ( syn: Chalara elegans) Black root rot on Carrots

Ash dieback Chalara fraxinea

3. fam. Stilbaceae

1. genus Graphium

2. genus Isaria

4. fam. Tuberculariaceaee

1. genus Tebercularia

2. genus Fusarium

Fusarium wilt

Microdochium nivale (Fusarium nivale) Snow mould

Fusarium ssp. (Fusarium wilt) Damping off

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Cylaminis Fusarium wilt on Cyclamen

3. genus Sphacelia

4. genus Cylindrocarpon

Cylindrocarpon destructans

Cylindrocarpon destructans Black root

5. slægt Cylindrocladium

Cylindrocladium buxicola

Cylindrocladium buxicola "Box blight"

4 Order Mycelia sterilia

1. genus Rhizoctonia

Rhizoctonia solani

Rhizoctonia solani Black scurf of potato

2. genus Sclerotium

5. Class Basidiomycetes

1. sub. class Heterobasidiomycetidae

1. Order Ustilaginales

1. fam. Ustilaginaceae

1. genus Ustilago

Ustilago maydis

Ustilago maydis Corn Smut

2. fam. Tilletiaceae

1. genus Tilletia

2. genus Entyloma

3. genus Urocystis

Urocystis eranthidis

Urocystis eranthidis Smut Fungi on eranthis

3. fam. Graphiolaceae

2. Order Uredinales

1. fam. Pucciniaceae

1. genus Uromyces

2. genus Puccinia

Puccinia allii

Puccinia allii Rust: Onion/Leek
Puccinia malvacearum

Puccinia malvacearum Hollyhock Rust

3. genus Phragmidium
Phragmidium mucronatum
Rust: roses

4. genus Triphragmium

5. genus Gymnosporangium

Gymnosporangium sabinae Trellis rust of pear

Gymnosporangium clavariiforme European Hawthorn Rust

6. genus Tranzschelia

Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae Rust: stone fruit

2. fam. Melampsoraceae

1. genus Cronartium

Cronartium ribicola

Cronartium ribicola Rust of currant

2. genus Melampsora

Melampsora ssp.

Melampsora ssp. Rust: poplar
Melampsora ssp

Melampsora ssp. Melampsora rust on willow
Melampsora hypericorum.

Melampsora hypericorum. Rust:St. John's worth

3. genus Melampsoridium

Melampsoridium betulinum

Melampsoridium betulinum Rust:Birch
Melampsoridium sp.

Melampsoridium sp. Rust :Alder

4. genus Melampsorella

5. genus Chrysomyxa

6. genus Coleosporium

7. genus Ochropsora

8. genus Pucciniastrum

Pucciniastrum epilobii Fir - Fireweed Rust

Pucciniastrum epilobii Rust: Fuchsia spp.

3. Order Tremellales

1. fam. Auriculariaceae

1. genus Helicobasidium

2. genus Auricularia

2. fam. Tremellaceae

2. sub. class Hemobasidiomycetes

1. Order Hymenomycetalis

1. fam. Exobasidiaceae

1. genus Exobasidium


Exobasidium Exobasidium

2. fam. Thelephoraceae

1. genus Corticium

2. genus Stereum

3. genus Peniophora

4. genus Telephora

5. genus Coniophora

3. fam. Clavariaceae

1. genus Typhula

2. genus Spharassis

4. fam. Hydnaceae

1. genus Hydnum

5. fam. Polyporaceae

1. genus Merulius

2. genus Fistulina

3. genus Boletus

4. genus Fomes

6. genus Poria

7. genus Daedalea

8. genus Lenzites

6. fam. Agaricaceae

Armillaria sp. Honey fungus

genus Flammulina

Flammulina velutipes Velvet Shank

genus Pleurodes

genus Lentinus

slægt Phellinus

Phellinus pomaceus Old Cushion bracket

genus Pholiota

genus Schizophyllym

genus Paxillus

slægt Hebeloma

Hebeloma crustuliniforme Poison Pie or Fairy Cakes

genus Hypholoma

genus Marasmius

Marasmius oreades Fairy ring
Coprinus atramentarius

Coprinus atramentarius Inky Cap
Coprinus comatus

Coprinus comatus Shaggy Mane
Coprinellus micaceus

Coprinellus micaceus Mica Cap

9. genus Nyctalis

3. Order Gasteromycetalis


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